Computers for the Blind

Opening Worlds - One Computer at a Time

How We Provide Computers

We need help in reaching persons who are visually impaired that could use a computer. We want to share the news about our efforts to collect good usable, and recyclable computers; the specialized software we can put on them, and our related training materials.

A person who is visually impaired that needs a computer (or a family member), can contact Computers For The Blind, and request a computer. A customer service person will discuss all the options, describe the features, the learning process, and the commitments needed.

Dr. Langford, CFTB founder, who is also visually impaired, has often said "When you are blind, learning the computer is a lot of work. It takes real dedication. For those like me who put the effort and time into it, it is a tremendous miracle."

Customer Service: 214-340-6328 ot